CheQQme is an action-based (call-to-action) mobile marketing platform for merchants to have more interesting campaigns for their customers and fans which can meet their favourite lifestyle needs geographically; navigate on smart phones with greater visibility; promotions; entertained and engaged with “fun sales” that they will never get enough with.

CheQQme is designed to incorporate fun elements into merchant’s loyalty programs and marketing campaigns, where users will be able to enjoy fun and unique campaigns with their favourite brands. With the presence of CheQQme, it intends to bridge gap by directing online traffic to merchant’s physical store.

Users discover great deals, rewards, enjoy fun challenges and have a unique mobile buying experience with CheQQme’s marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes. CheQQme redefines the traditional way of customer engagement into the mobile way by helping merchants convert online traffic to offline foot traffic via its platform, including personalized marketing campaigns, payment gateway facilities, and point-of-sale solutions, all which provide merchants a peace of mind in marketing, customer engagement and operations. To understand more about CheQQme or download CheQQme mobile app, visit CheQQme.com. To learn more about the company’s merchant solutions and how to work with CheQQme, visit CheQQme.com or write to joey@CheQQme.com.