Earn Crowns!
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Pick a task and complete it to earn Crowns! You can spend your crowns on anything you want in CheQQpoint! Didn’t receive your Crowns? - Do ensure that you have completed all the required actions for us to reward you. - Once you are done with that, sit back and chillax! We’ll notify you once you have been rewarded! - If you have waited for a week with no results, please email us at joey@cheQQme.com Happy looting!
Campaign Period 09/09/2016 - 31/12/2020
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Step 1

Search for the Earn Crowns campaign and click on the Start button!

Step 2

Select a task and complete all the requirements!

Step 3

Wait for the crowns to be debited into your account!
( PSST! Check your notifications!)

Step 4

Spend your crowns at CheQQpoint!
(Its located in the Treasure Chest!)