Refund and Return Policy
Change Package
  • If you need to trade your subscription for a different package, you can change subscription package through written email to Specify the reference number of your transaction, package you have subscribed, package you want to change to and state a reason for change.
  • Once we have checked and confirmed the changes of the package you subscribed, you will be required to pay for the difference if the new package rate is higher, otherwise we will refund the difference to you within 30 days after the confirmation.
Order Cancellation
  • Order cancellation will be refunded if:
    • Wrong order;
    • Other rational reason.
  • Once approved by account department, we will only fully refund via online banking.
  • We will fully refund payment to your bank account if payment was done via offline bank-in or direct online transfer to our corporate Maybank account. For payment done via payment gateway which has additional service charge will be deducted accordingly.

CheQQme reserves the right to refuse any refund or cancellation of a package if:
  • The campaign has been setup or started;
  • The merchant is unable to produce the subscription details or payment receipt;
  • The defective product or package is a third party product and CheQQme is not authorized by the supplier / vendor / merchant to process returns or replacements.

Kindly contact us in case your subscription package has any condition as follow:
  • Wrong order;
  • Other rational reason.

  1. 1. Please contact us within 7 days from the day you subscribed your package.
  2. 2. If the campaign has been setup or has been rolled out, no refund or cancellation will be permitted.