Block Must Fall

Light Switch
- WASD or arrow keys or drag the left mouse button = move - R = restart - Gamepad supported

Game Details

Block Must Fall

Blocks Must Fall! Is a minimalist puzzle game with zen-like visuals and music. Destroy all the white and grey blocks and reach the exit to complete each level.

Destroy the blocks, reach the end
Move the red block one step at a time towards the exit. You can only land on a white or grey block once, as they fall away once you move off them. That means you have to think logically about the route you take to the end!

Complex challenges ahead
Blocks Must Fall! Progresses in difficulty the further you get. Walls, slippery ice, and moving platforms are just some of the tricky elements you’ll meet later in the game. The levels also get bigger, so you must consider which direction you’re traveling in more carefully. Thankfully, you can undo your last move or start over when things go wrong!

– Various tricky puzzles
– Progressive difficulty
– Tests your logical thinking
– Relaxing visuals and music

Release Date
October 2021

Night Steed Games made this game.

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