Light Switch
- UP or "W" = jump and climb rope or ladder
- DOWN or "S" = go down rope or ladder
- RIGTH or "D" = move right
- LEFT or "A" = move left
- SPACE = jump off the rope or ladder

Game Details


DRAMA is an arcade game where you have to learn to overcome each level in a different way and complete the game with most lives. Sometimes you have to find hidden objects, other times you have to use your skill, and in some cases, you have to put all your skills to the test.

– Make the best decisions to guide Frank to finish his path with the most lives in the shortest time possible
– If you request a clue, a life will be subtracted
– If you restart the level, you will also lose a life.
– Time is controlled. Don’t get distracted, use your wits and be smart

Release Date
– June 2021 (Android)
– August 2021 (HTML5 and Steam)

Shared Dreams made DRAMA. The same developer who made the popular 12 MiniBattles!

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