Light Switch
- Left click to choose a color and drag left mouse button to draw.
- Tap the screen or hold to choose a color and drag left mouse button to draw.

Game Details is a draw & doodle guessing game. Figure out what other players are drawing and draw your own fabulous pictures for them to guess before the time runs out. Draw, guess, win. It’s that simple!

Start drawing
Gartic is an online drawing game with an element of guessing that relies on your ability to draw the word presented to you. When it’s your turn, draw a picture based on the two choices offered to you. Select the one you prefer, and hint at some letters using the ‘hint’ button if it’s a tough one!

Points are awarded to players who guess correctly. It’s against the rules to draw letters, numbers, and symbols, but anything else goes! You can report users for violating the rules, which will skip their turn.

Play with friends
To start a game, pick a nickname and hit ‘play.’ If you want to find a more specific theme, you can join a custom game room or create your own under ‘rooms.’ There you can make private multiplayer games with custom settings just for you and your friends. Sign up and you’ll also be able to create custom themes, add favorites, and chat with other players.

Drawing Themes
There are several drawing themes in Pick from animals, food, general, and jobs – to Minecraft, Dota and Clash Royale. If that’s not enough, you can sign up and make your own themes!

Release Date
July 2017

Developer is developed by Gartic Team.

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1 Pemburu Dollar ⭐⭐⭐ Gold Pemburu Dollar 385,140
2 Saw Beng Kok ⭐⭐⭐ Gold Saw Beng Kok 218,867
3 Charles Chaow ⭐⭐⭐ Gold Charles Chaow 216,116
4 Mimi Wan ⭐⭐⭐ Gold Mimi Wan 210,619
5 Charmaine Hermione ⭐⭐ Gold Charmaine Hermione 197,648

Top Referrers

1 Pemburu Dollar Pemburu Dollar 45,800
2 hamdan ahmad hamdan ahmad 22,100
3 Notch E - Channel Notch E - Channel 13,900
4 Mohd Yazid Mohd Yazid 13,600
5 izzat asyraf izzat asyraf 12,900

Top Mission Achiever

1 ipeen Arif ipeen 158,301
2 Rohayu Mat Salleh Rohayu Mat Salleh 77,050
4 mazlan bashir mazlan bashir 51,900
5 Hafiz Ronzi Hafiz Ronzi 48,900

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