Knaive Rain

Light Switch
1- Throw all the knaives onto the targets.
2- Each target have different health point, try to throw all the knaives without stacking it.
3- The round ended / lose if you stacked the knaives onto each other.
4- With the point you gathered, buy new knaives and collect all the knaives!

Game Details

Knaive Rain

Upgrade your knaives and get ready for the ultimate challenge! In this crazy addictive skill game, you have to throw knaives into the targets to break them. Unlock additional knaives and awesome tools by beating every 5th stage or by collecting apples. Wait for the perfect moment to throw and make sure to not hit any knaives or objects already stuck in the target. Play the boss mode if you want an extra challenge and unlock some more special knaives! Can you beat them all and reach a high score?

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