Zoo Feeder

Light Switch
1- Grab a shovel
2- Shove all the watermelons as many as you can onto the hungry hippo
3- Each stage you need to shove a different quantity of watermelons onto the hungry hippo
4- You will lose the stage if there is not enough watermelons you've shoved

Game Details

Zoo Feeder

Someone in the Zoo forgot to feed the cute animals and now they’re all hungry! Will you shovel up the tasty food and feed it to them? Simply drag the shovel to the left and right to collect as much food as possible. If you collect all the food in a section, your shovel will become a powerful magnet, absorbing all the food into your shovel.

Build a small Zoo with gems you’ll collect during your playthroughs or get a cool new skin for the shovel. The possibilities in this game are endless!

So grab the shovel and make those cute animals happy!

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