Light Switch
Play in Full Screen mode for much enjoyable playthrough! To access full screen, simply click top right of the game box called "Full Screen" and start playing!

Choose your mode
Choose your preferred game mode from the dropdown menu. You can play battle royale, payload, free-for-all, and team deathmatch.

Destroy enemy tanks
Simply shoot enemy tanks to increase your score. The maps are designed for tactical shooting. Take cover behind walls, in a similar way to any shooting game. Be reactive and quick!

Find new weapons
Every player starts with a basic tank gun. But there’s a variety of weapons including rockets, grenades, shotguns, and more. You can find these weapons scattered around the map and switch between them interchangeably. Opponents also drop them when killed.

Game Details

BlockTanks is an online tank battle .io game. Choose your preferred game mode and shoot to destroy enemy tanks and increase your score. You can play solo or in teams. Find upgrades to gain an advantage and dominate the leaderboard!

Release Date
May 2018

Developer was developed by Karate Fox Studios.

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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