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Play in Full Screen mode for much enjoyable playthrough! To access full screen, simply click top right of the game box called "Full Screen" and start playing!

Eat food to gain boosts and a higher score. Eliminate other fish by attacking from the side and behind. Each kill adds length to your tusk. Once your tusk is long enough you can be bolder with your attacks.

The more fish you stab, the higher your score will become. Each fish body will decorate your skewer as a reminder of your fierce and deadly nature.

Game Details is a free io game where you play as a deadly oceanic beast. Join a multiplayer arena of fish equipped with fatal tusks and take down your share of prey while avoiding the sharp end of another player’s stabber. Collect the fish like trophies, eat food for boosts, and dominate the sea.

Stabfish features several fish upgrades. You can unlock more sea beasts like killer whales and hammerhead sharks by reaching milestone achievements. These unlockable skins provide in-game advantages like additional kill bonuses.

Every player starts with a basic tusk. Once you reach level 4 with the tusk, you can upgrade your tusk to a trident. The same logic applies for upgrading to a chill blade and chainsaw.

– Aggressive stab or be stabbed gameplay
– Random bonuses to give you an advantage
– Kill enemies and eat food to increase your score and boost meter
– Unlock achievements to upgrade your fish and weaponry arsenal

Release Date
February 2020

Developer was made by Zytech AI.

Web browser

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