Light Switch
Use the arrow keys to move and think outside of the box always in each round.

Game Details – the hectic multiplayer game. is one of dozens of popular .io games and is a very simple yet addicting multiplayer game that pits you against other people in an all-out battle royale.
The quick play options let you play straight away. Use the arrow keys to move and the X ket to make your circler harder to push. The main aim is to push your opponents off of the map or cause them enough destruction to make them explode.

Bash enemies using your jumps, and move and hold the X key to gain weight and move platforms of objects. As you play, you will get used to the game mechanics. Each level has a different challenge – you must be alert and asses the situation quickly.

Don’t forget that there is a game level editor too. This means you can create your own maps and share them with other players. Use the editor to easily create fun maps – look at what others have created and emulate their style. Put fun game mechanics and obstacles in the maps so that they are challenging. Also, use the level editor to easily look at how the game works and pick up tips.

Customize your character (circle) any way you want and fight up to three other people in one of the hundreds of different, player customized maps. Survive in an ever-shifting environment or push each other from the screen in an effort to be the last one standing! The possibilities are endless! Do you have the skills to make it in

Developer is developed by Chaz, a London-based game developer who has previously created Tiny Tanks, Project Gungame, and more.

First Release Date
September 2016

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