Light Switch
- X or left click to jump
- C or right click to slide

Game Details


Zrist is a fantastic arcade game in which you must attempt to avoid the red blocks and prevent yourself from falling. Use the left click or X buttons to jump, and use the C or right-click buttons to slide – you must have quick reactions and time your jumps and slides perfectly in order to progress through each level.

This game is a heap of fun and has a retro feel about it with retro graphics and simple but challenging gameplay. You will spend hours working through each level and perfecting your jumping and sliding skills. How far can you progress and what high score can you register?

– Nice gameplay that is inspired by the famous Geometry Dash
– You can make the object jump and slide
– You are playing in a black and white world
– Random challenges to beat, like an invisible block or lagging response
– Cool music

Release Date
– March 2018

– Zrist was developed by NoaDev. Follow their Twitter and website. The music is made by Nieldacan.

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