Light Switch
Click (or touch) on pieces to select and then click to move them.

Game Details


Chessformer is a challenging puzzle platformer where your movements are confined to the chess piece you’re given. Use your chess pieces’ unique abilities to navigate through each stage and reach the king.

How to Play

1- Chess piece movements

Chessformer utilizes the movement principles of chess pieces to overcome various challenges on a 2D grid. That means rooks move only in straight lines; bishops only move diagonally, and so on. The difference is, you’re moving sideways, so moving your piece up the board also causes it to fall down.

2- Tricky challenges

Chessformer gives you an easy introduction to how the game works, with the first few levels being quite simple. However, the difficulty quickly increases. You’ll have to get your problem-solving cap on and think creatively to progress through the levels.

– Clever mechanics based on chess pieces
– Movement confined to a chessboard grid
– 24 challenging levels put your mind to work
– Satisfying visuals, sounds, and music

Release Date
January 2021

Robert Alvarez developed this game.

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