Square Bird

Light Switch
The mechanics are simple, click to build square eggs. The eggs make a tower to keep you from hitting objects. As the game progresses, you'll need to use greater judgment to make the right amount of eggs to avoid obstacles. If you make just the right amount of eggs to avoid the obstacle, you get a "perfect" landing.

The more levels you complete, the more currency you get, which is used to buy new skins for your bird and levels!

How to Get Fever Mode
Fever mode is activated when you make three perfect landings.

What is fever mode?
Fever mode makes Square Bird shoot blocks ahead to destroy everything in your path. This shooting makes it much easier to get through the level, but you still have to look out for big drops and other obstacles that aren't affected by the blocks you shoot. Get fever mode as often as possible to score big points.

Game Details

Square Bird

Square Bird is a side-scrolling 2D platform game. Your bird will build a tower of square eggs to avoid danger whenever you click. It’s a simple and fun game!

– Simple one-button mechanics
– Unlockable character and level skins
– Fun and addictive gameplay
– Available on all platforms

Release Date
– September 2018 (iOS)
– October 2018 (Android)
– April 2020 (HTML5)

– Square Bird is developed by Moonee, the web version is created by Yello.

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