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Crewmates must complete all tasks without being killed. If you have a hunch who the betrayer is, you can call a meeting and hold a vote to kick them out.

Betrayers can disrupt activities and eliminate crewmates. There are vents that allow betrayers to get around undetected. Kill all crewmates to win the game as a betrayer.

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You can play in online public games, or in private rooms with friends. Signing up for an account gives you the ability to keep your name and progress. There's also extensive character customization with clothes, hairstyles, and pets!

Game Details

Desktop exclusive game only! is a multiplayer social deduction game like Among Us. You play the game as a crewmate or a secret saboteur called a ‘betrayer’. The betrayer must sabotage operations while crewmates must complete all of their duties without being killed.
How to Play

Release Date
December 2020

End Game Studios made this game.

Web browser

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